Well, I got a lot of random things I could post. Might as well touch on on all of them before getting to the main one.

1. A few people, after reading my writing “rules,” expressed concern that perhaps I was reading their blogs in light of them. Rest assured, I only read your blog if I enjoy it, so if you know me as a faithful reader, you’re in the clear. I also pay much closer attention to the mechanics of student writing than those of friend writing. I should also point out that rules are made to be broken– I always think of my college art class in which we studied Picasso’s representational, detailed sketches of a bull (hair, muscles, teeth) that he gradually transformed into a cubist line drawing. You gotta get expert at the rules, and then break them with confidence.

2. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had a great idea for a NASA science project. He mentioned it the other night and I keep thinking about it: put a werewolf on the moon. Does he get more werewolfy? Does he stay in wolf form year round?

teen wolf

Oops, look at the time. To Be Continued.