Here is the Christian music I listened to in High School:

  • Michael W. Smith Album: Go West Young Man — CCM
  • The Prayer Chain Album: Shawl — melancholy rock
  • The Swirling Eddies Album: Zoom Daddy — silly but deep
  • The Choir Album: Circle Slide — atmospheric pop
  • Kim Hill Albums: Talk About Life, Brave Heart — folksy rock
  • John Michael Talbott Album: The Hiding Place (?) — Monk Folk
  • Painted Orange — Album: Painted Orange –electronica
  • Hot Pink Turtle — indie/punk
  • P.I.D. Album: Here We Are (?) –rap
  • Petra Albums: The Rock Cries Out, Beyond Belief — anthem rock
  • Dimestore Prophets Album: Love is Against the Grain — indie rock
  • Newsboys Album: Not ashamed — pop-rock supergroup
  • Audio Adrenaline Album: Don’t Censor Me — CCM
  • 77s Album: didn’t actually own one, but kept seeing them in concert — indie rock

Shortly thereafter I went through a phase of divesting all my stuff, and I’ve only re-acquired half of it in the intervening years. I bet Painted Orange is pretty hard to get these days. They sang with fake British accents. No one I knew listened to off-the-radar Christian music. I’d go to the bookstore, listen to five or six things, then buy something. Trial and error. I loved the Prayer Chain in particular because the cover had naked guys covered in mud on the front, and my mom had to let me keep it because it was Christian.