We are headed to Phoenix for four days to search for reasonable accomodations. What will it be? Luxury condo? Luxury apartment? Luxury townhouse? Luxury detached house? For some reason the online ads all insist on the luxuriousness of their offerings. I have a vague impression of all the people of Phoenix all going home to ambient music and soft breezes, with girls in filmy skirts bringing them tonics and cold melon.  And I shall one day be among them!

The lead song on our specially formulated house-hunting-trip mix CD, \burned by Dr. G in the wee hours last night, is Hotel Arizona, by Wilco:

Hotel in Arizona made us all wanna feel like stars
Rental cars and tinted windows, leave another number for me
Even if I make it through
That’s just something that I have to get used to
That’s just something I have to get used to
I feel some connection between you and me
Well I guess there’s some direction maybe you can’t see
Even at the interview, that’s not something thatI’m gonna get used to
That’s not something I’m gonna get used to
Hello, can you hear?
Hello, that’s all there is, that’s all there is
I guess all this history is just a mystery to me
One more worried whisper right in my ear