Anonymous survey results:

These results are being made available to everyone except my sister, who stated that she didn’t want to know.
As of this writing, there were 14 respondents and all but one of you excrete at least one fluid in the shower. More than half of you cry; half of you urinate; many of you bleed. I wonder if the crying and the bleeding are at all related? Fluids that do not appear in the table were not selected by anyone. We seem to draw the line at the same place– high-fives all around! Though really, jumping in the shower is not the first thing one thinks of mid-vomit. So that omission may be simple practicality.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the letter P and the number 14.

1. Which fluids?
snot 78.6%
saliva 78.6%
sweat 64.3
blood 64.3
tears 57.1
urine 50%
2. How often?
Every shower 50%
weekly 21.4%
monthly 7.1%
annually 14.3%
never 7.1%
3. Most Prevalent?
snot 78.6%
saliva 64.3%
urine 21.4%
tears 21.4%
blood 7.1%
none 7.1%