• Best recent search term leading someone to my blog: “Godhead explained with candycorn”
  • Best recent personal mail: A clear box containing a piece of birch bark, with a note written directly on it. My friend had picked up this particular piece of bark many years ago, when I mentioned that it looked like it would be cool to write on.
  • Best recent conversation: A late-night, multi-hour walk around the monuments and tidal pool with old friends in DC, with topics ranging from torture to regrets to true love. I had other excellent recent conversations, but the scenery and the mild exercise put this one up top.
  • Best recent happy ending/beginning: the wedding of Kate and Matt, whose love story could make a satisfying novel.

p.s. I have a short-short about daisies in the new issue of Salt.

Some D.C. pictures by Dr. G:

STP60106.JPG STP60086.JPG STP60101.JPG