My vote for the best street gang dance-off ever (beating out both Grease and West Side Story) is Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video, even though most of the dancing happens after they make up. That swaying handclasp at about minute 3 is awesome.

Most unfortunate song lyric in an otherwise pretty rockin’, honkey tonk live set I saw last night: “Prance around me like a pony on cocaine.” Um… right. I leaned over to Dr. G and said, “Yeah, honey! How come YOU never prance around me like a pony on cocaine?” He replied (totally off-topic, I might add. I guess he has taken to heart the advice McNamara gave in The Fog of War: answer the question that you wish they had asked you) ,”Do I need to call PETA? Were any animals harmed in the making of this song lyric?”

Here’s special message from the White Stripes, going out on my behalf to all y’all who are near and dear to my heart but far-flung in the world. Click the link below to to play the clip.  (let me know if it doesn’t work, I’m experimenting with a new feature….)

My Doorbell