The heat felt like smashed bananas, oozing down his scalp and over his ears.  If it were car wash-like, he’d be okay with it; stepping out of a building into a sheet of moving heat didn’t seem so bad.  But this type of heat was uncalled for, embarrassing, especially this late in the year. He had a giant yellow and orange arrow which he was supposed to point in a particular direction, for a certain amount of time, and in return he would receive $5.15 an hour.  There were plastic arm straps affixed to the backside of the giant arrow, which also embarrassed him.  He didn’t use them anyway, since he leaned against a post and kept the giant arrow pointed straight at the sky.  “Luxury Homes!  Tours All Day!” said the arrow in orange and yellow block letters.  He tried to hold his head as still as possible to keep the sweat from dripping. With any luck it would be hours before the realtor drove by and fired him.