I did get a red car, without really meaning to.  It’s a 99 Chevy Prizm, which the mighty internets tell me is a Corolla in disguise. It has a few dings and paint scrapes, but what do I care? There’s no rust here and the roads are unsalted. It has under 50,000 miles and I plan to drive it into the ground. (Don’t tell it I said that; let’s let the realization dawn gradually upon it.) It was on the lot next to all the Mazdas and Nissans that I thought were more interesting but had more than twice as many miles on them.  It’s only guaranteed for two weeks so I’ve got to get it into the shop, pronto.  Now Dr. G. doesn’t have to wait twenty minutes for the bus in the 100 degree weather.  Summer has hit.  There are these hot breezes that don’t cool you off at all.  It’s like being inside a giant’s mouth, sometimes.