It’s the 20th anniversary of the Princess Bride and you can check out how the cast has aged on ABC News. For previously mentioned reasons, I’m not having people over, but if I were, it would be a good time for a Princess Bride movie-watching theme party.

Decorations: Leading up to the front door, stake a sign that says “fire swamp.” Then line the walk with tiki torches, pools of sand, and fake rats. Inside, small vases of yellow flowers the color of buttercups, after princess buttercup. If you want to get fancy, go for a mix of pirate plates and plates with flowers on them. The tablecloth could be butcher paper or vinyl on which you draw a simple map of the kingdom, including the castle, the Pit of Despair, the forest, the fire swamp, the cliffs of insanity, the sea where the Dread Pirate Roberts roams, and the farm.

Food: Serve Iocane Powder Punch in plastic goblets. Any punch mix will do; it’s the name that makes it. It might be fun, depending on the crowd, to selectively add food coloring to some of the goblets’ contents so a few people with stained mouths turn up “poisoned.” Then you’d also have to have “Ressurection” Chocolate Truffles, round ones that look like the medicine Miracle Max used to revive the mostly-dead Westley. Also, since it’s movie time, popcorn, but maybe do something out of the ordinary with it. Add bowls of peanuts scattered around with signs that say, “No more rhymes now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?” Some salted, some candied, some otherwise flavored. If you want more substantial food, add items from the wedding feast (in the room where Inigo Montoya confronts the six-fingered man), including roasted chicken, grapes, and a wedding cake.

Activities: Watch the movie, of course. If your friends are diehard fans, you could turn the sound off for specific scenes and have a contest to see who can quote it best. “Spot the goofs” could be fun too. You could also do a Princess Bride Trivia Quiz, with a T-Shirt or Messenger Bag as a prize. You could optionally make it a costume party, though I find that most guests resent being asked to go to the trouble of finding costumes. But maybe that’s just my group of friends.