Well, I had a little crash-and-burn after my trip east. It was great to see folks. Thanks again for rushing back from out of town trips, ducking out of work a few hours early, driving fair distances with small children, feeding me, chauffeuring me around, and otherwise making my visit great.

One thing I didn’t do was maintain my rigorous health regimen to keep a chronic sinus infection at bay (yes, that same one from back in June that two rounds of antibiotics couldn’t subdue). It knocked me flat for a couple days, but now I’m back in the saddle with a killer-diller new antibiotic, hospital strength. I am to get my face scanned by a big machine and also avoid direct sunlight. That could be tough.

Last time I was on antibiotics like this was in the Peace Corps when I got dysentary from eating questionable street food. After you have dysentary for a day, you realize why so many people on that Oregon Trail computer game die of it. Then modern medicine swoops in like a superhero and you can’t believe your good fortune.

A few trip highlights later.