Abigail constantly asks for stories. I indulge her as much as I can, but she makes it hard by dictating not only major characters, but plot points. If I try to borrow a plot from a book or TV show, she stops me and says, “No. a NEW story.” Here are her requests, verbatim, from ONE afternoon. Sometimes I forget that she just turned two.

Mommy, tell me a…

Swiper story–
In a cold building with turkey in it
Stuck in a pasta costume
with his mommy eating his pee candy costume
fishing for boots
trapped in his tower
trapped in a tower with his mommy and daddy with sleeping bags and pillows
in the toothpaste
in the sink having a big fiesta
saying “it it it it it”
stuck in his own helicopter
trapped in an airplane, a flying airplane with wings and not pedals
blueberry Swiper in a blueberry costume rolling around like a little ball
gray black and pink swiper with paint on his toes and his tail
being nice with Dora

cat story–
cats on an airplane with Captain Swiper
getting blueberry juice in a cat cup

story when you were a little baby.